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Bioter S.A was founded in 1997 by qualified professionals in this market who understood the lack of proposals in a sector that would become increasingly more technical and competitive.

We saw then the opportunity to fill that space with innovative products and services to cope with the inexorable change towards more demanding and sustainable productions.
Our aspirations were and still are to understand those changes, delivering specialized technical solutions to reflect the results of each production.

In 2003, we acquired a new production plant of 2000 square meters in Tío Pujio in Córdoba Province which is in a 30 hectare property.

Currently, we have four automatized production lines. Each one of them is commanded by PLC which guarantees the process (weighing, milling and mixing) assuring the complete traceability of each product.

In addition, we have a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP) and our plant is enabled to export.

In 2005, Bioter S.A, decided to enter the field of primary production with a farm of 350 sows in Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires Province.

At present, we have 1000 sows which allow us to test our products to show our enriching experience as swine producers and prove the effectiveness of our feeds and nutritional plans.

Nowadays, we have reached a privileged place in the market of Animal Nutrition due to the diversity of our products and services, our professional and technical team constantly updated and our distribution network.

The relationship with our customers has always been a priority for us.

Our goal is to have a direct relation with them in order to fulfill their needs and even to show them the proper course of action to take by sharing our expertise with them.
We are permanently focused on them, helping on decision – making, defining the most appropriate nutritional plan for their production so as to fulfill their expectations.
Our wish is to keep growing making Bioter a referent in this demanding and competitive market.


Bioter is a Company devoted to Animal Nutrition since 1997 which produces nucleus, premixes, concentrates and complete feeds for cattle, swine and poultry with a high degree of specificity according to their productive cycle.

We are the first Animal Nutrition Company in Argentina to have an Experimental Center of swine production where we are permanently doing research, which is done following similar breeding conditions to the ones of the average farms in order to analyze our products, breeding practices and nutritional plans to achieve the best quality.

In the same farm, we give the most complete Training Courses to swine producers in the market.

n our Production Plant there is a Quality Control Laboratory where analyses are made with NIRS State-of-the-Art technology which allows us to certify the quality of our raw materials and provide our clients an invaluable service. In addition, these results enable us to adjust the nutritional plans to each farm following their records, to manufacture finished products and to keep traceability records.

Our working team is qualified and trained in the technology of this market.

The human skills of our staff prove our commitment with our processes, our products and the services we provide to our customers.

Our main aim is to have a close, trusting and successful relationship of cooperation with each of them.




CÓRDOBA: Tío Pujio (Planta de producción Bioter), Río Cuarto (Unidad de negocios Bioter), Oncativo, Jesús María, Monte Buey,
San José de la Dormida, Villa María, Holberg, Marcos Juarez.
SANTA FE: Chañar Ladeado, Venado Tuerto, Teodelina, Sancti Spíritu, Bigand, Maggiolo, San Gregorio.
BUENOS AIRES: Pilar (Administración Central Bioter), Conesa, Salto, Tandil, 9 de Julio, Junín.
SAN LUIS: Villa Mercedes.
TUCUMÁN: Concepción.
SALTA: La Merced.
SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO: Santiago del Estero.
NEUQUÉN: Senillosa.
LA PAMPA: Huinca Renanco.